Join the journey and experience African inspired healthy dishes sourced from healthy traditional recipes made with fresh easily sourced quality ingredients.

About ME

 I just LOVE to COOK !

I grew up in a Ghanaian home where making fresh food from fresh ingredients was of great importance, precious even one might add.

During my college and university years, I always surrounded myself with foodies within an international setting where I could share my love for food.

I have always been curious and inquisitive as to how one can prepare delicious food with African Ingredients mixed with European ingredients created into mouth-watering and tasty meals while avoiding gluten, lactose and unnecessary artificial colours and flavours.

I love preparing traditional African food where ingredients are fresh and simple and every now and then, I add my own twist to tickle more taste buds while creating new fusion flavours and tastes that are versatile which has always had a warm reception from my audience.

My dream for creating FEAST Supper Club Stavanger in Norway is because I want to make African food widely to the public, and taking them on a food gastronomy journey through out the African continent where they can indulge in delicious, tasty and healthy African cuisines free from gluten, lactose, and unnatural ingredients.

With each Supper Club event, I will be bringing something new and fresh from a different African country utilising fresh Norwegian local products while sticking to the core African ingredients to create a mouth-watering meal. Furthermore, I will utilise different location to create different dining experiences where food can bring us together. So if you will like to partake in a FEAST, then lets  Meet & Eat !