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A Food Safari Throughout Africa

' Lets FEAST '

A Food Journey to Ghana 25/05/16

FEAST Supper Club Stavanger will like to say a very BIG thank you to all who came to our Kick off Supper Club Event last night at Mess & Order for our food Journey to Ghana... a Delicious Evening indeed! 


Come and indulge in our first FEAST Supper Club series of delicious African Inspired Fusion Food that are Gluten Free and Lactose Free.
Ticketing system ready:
For this Kick-off Promotional Event we are collaborating with the Comedy Box Festival for the After Work Comedy Hour: Wednesday 25 May (16:30 - 17:30).
Your Supper Club dinning booking will include entry fees to the comedy show, dinner, dessert and sides for ONLY 300NOK.
There are only places for 20 people so buy your tickets FAST!


Kelewele - Side dish
Plantian Chips - Side dish
Jollof Rice -Main dish
Beef Stew - Main dish
Aubergine and Broccoli Salad -Main Salad
Dessert - Coconut and Mango Panacota
BYOB - Bring your own drinks

A Food Journey to Kenya 30/06/16

Thank you to every one that came to FEAST with us. You are the reason why FEAST Supper Club Stavanger keep growing. A HUGE tusen takk to Mino Music Norway for Super Scrumptious Music.


Enjoyed a night out somewhere deferent and let your palates experience tastes that are new to you but yet delicious while you make new friends.....A trip to Kenya - East Africa


1. Githeri - Beans and Corn Casserole
2. Kenyan Pilau - Spiced Rice
3. Sukuma Wiki - Collard Greens / Kale Stew
4. Nyama Coma - Various selections of Grilled Meats of Beef & Chicken
5. Mandazi - Kenyan doughnuts (served with coconut cream and cardamom) 

All dishes are FREE from GLUTEN & LACTOSE
BYOB - Bring your own Wine, Beer or other beverages
Lets Meet & Eat !!!! 

A Food Journey to Namibia 25/08/16


Come and indulge in delicious cousin from the oldest desert in the world with various influences. Enjoy a night out somewhere different and let your palates experience tastes that are new to you but yet delicious, while you are making new friends...


1. Lamb Potjiekos with Vegetables
2. Curry Chicken Potjie with Apricots
3. Spinach Stew
4. Lentils Stew
5. Fragrant Couscous
6. Stiff Porridge (Oshifima)
7. Dessert - Streusel Crumb Topped Apple Pie
All dishes are FREE from GLUTEN & LACTOSE!
BYOB - Bring your own Wine, Beer or other beverages
Let's Meet & Eat !!!! 

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Eating our way throughout Africa

A Food Journey to Morocco 29/09/16


Let us take your taste buds to North Africa through a Food Journey to Morocco. A Country with one of the greatest cuisines in the world with its aromatic and species Influenced by Andalusian Spain, Arabia and France, Morocco's cuisine is a delicious combination of mouth-watering flavours that makes it unique.
With the cold months, approaching why not welcome them with 2 Rich and Delicious variations of steaming pots of Moroccan Harrira soups with mouth-watering flavours served with 7 different selections of Zaalouk to scoop up with 3 delicious selections of homemade fresh and gluten free breads and dessert.


1. Moroccan Harira & Chicken Soup
2. Moroccan Harira & Lamb Soup
(Rich with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas and lamb/chicken finished off with a squeeze of lemon juice and some chopped coriander)
Zaalouk (s)
1. Grilled Green Peppers
2. Grilled Tomatoes
3. Sweet Carrots Pure
4. Beetroot Pure
5. Aubergine Dip
6. Oilves
7. Humus
1. Teff Focaccia
2. Cardamom Polenta Bread
3. Walnut Teff Bread
Morocan Whiskey - Mint Tea
Morocan Spiced Orange topped with Roasted Amonds

A Food Journey to 27/10/16

A Food Journey to South Africa 25/11/16